C.W.I.E.T. Time began with a group of people meeting at our apartment to have conversations around personal growth and spirituality.


We quickly saw the power of having these deep conversations, and sharing stories and information that could help us live better.

As our community grew, we felt a calling to bring these transformative experiences and tools to a larger audience.


Our platform doesn’t contain all the answers. Nor do we claim to be gurus. We are human. We experience pain, shame and darkness. But our moments of experiencing love, abundance and beauty have far surpassed those dark moments. We come back to the light more quickly and stay there more often.

So in all our humanness, we’ve created a platform to share with you the tools and information that have allowed us and so many others to live better, more beautiful, meaningful lives. 

By engaging with our content - which includes live events, video content, blog posts and soon to be podcast and online courses - our mission is for you to:

  • Be inspired to take action

  • Be empowered to become your greatest teacher

  • Transform your life into one you're proud to live

As a collective, we're being called to step into and connect with our own power and potential.

​If our platform calls to you, then it's likely you've heard this calling. And we want to help you answer it with as much ease, grace and joy as possible.

You have more creative power over your life than you think. C.W.I.E.T. Time was built to help you express this potential.


The element of Conversation, expressed through our live events and online community, is such a big part of our platform. 

Simply sharing effective tools and insights with one another is one of the most powerful ways to learn and experience shifts.



Have you had the experience of being exposed to inspiring content,  only to have that initial spark be short lived? 


What's important is to consistently apply the information. Which is why we make our content as interactive as possible. 


We believe living with more meaning, joy & beauty requires a holistic approach. It's no longer just about the material - life is better lived with a little magic and soul as well. 


As full-time working professionals, it was only when we honoured these two parts of ourselves, did we experience a whole other level of success. 

Hi. I’m Krystin.


Writer, speaker, social entrepreneur passionate about helping you step into the role as the creator of your life. I want to take you from “What’s the point of all this?” to experiencing your creative power and potential. I’ve undergone transformations and healing on a physical, emotional and mental level – and I’m ready to share what I know. 


I strongly believe you too can create more abundance, meaning, love and freedom in your personal and professional life. I’m excited to show you how.

Hi. I’m Lauren. 

I've spent a lot of time trying to figure myself out. Trying to figure out "What's missing? Why am I constantly craving more?"​  

Trying to find an easy answer,  I booked appointments with healers and clairvoyants. I came to realize that not even the most powerful mystic in the world can teach you about yourself and tell you what you truly need to live a more fulfilled life. It HAS to come from you. That's when Krystin and I started creating and using our CWIET Time methods, and everything changed. ​ 


I'm passionate about helping others coach themselves through difficult and confusing times with the methods that have helped me understand myself and have helped me grow and evolve. 




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