3 Tools To Transform Your Mind & Life

"Change your thoughts, change your life." - Wayne Dyer

Do you ever find yourself stuck in an obsessive pattern of fearful thinking?

Incessantly replaying in your mind something you said, or did.

Or thinking about a worst case scenario until it transforms into serious anxiety.

For so long, fearful thinking was my modus operandi. I was primarily living from a place of fear rather than love.

I was so focused on all the things that could potentially go wrong, I wasn’t able to be present and recognize all the things that were currently going right.

Our emotions are powerful tools of insight.

Just by checking in with ourselves and how we’re feeling, we can recognize when we’re out of alignment and off-balance.

This recognition is what can allow us to centre back in and choose again.

At C.W.I.E.T. Time, we believe that our true nature – the energy and consciousness from which we come from – is one of high vibrations. Energy which vibrates at a high frequency includes love, joy, peace, compassion, beauty ...

So if you reverse engineer this belief system, any time you’re stuck in low vibe emotions, you have gone out of alignment.

(A caveat - the goal isn’t to be happy all the time. That’s unrealistic and boring. And your pain actually needs to be felt for you to recognize and heal it. But it’s becoming stuck in your limiting stories and victim mindset that can be counterproductive and dangerous to your growth and peace).

There are many ways you can be knocked off centre, and many ways to come back.

We love the way Gabby Bernstein uses the term comeback rate. In essence, she teaches that everyone gets knocked off centre. In this oftentimes chaotic world, it’s inevitable not to. But it doesn’t matter how many times you go out of alignment, what counts is that you come back fast.

The quicker you come back [to love], the better your human experience will be.

So if we find ourselves in a negative thought pattern, we shouldn’t waste any time feeling shame. Simply focus on coming back.

Reach into your toolkit (tools provided below) and use what can bring you back fast to more empowering, positive thoughts.

Tools that can help increase your comeback rate:

1. Simple willingness

A Course In Miracles (a well-known metaphysical text that many spiritual thought leaders live by) states that there are only 2 choices before us in any given moment - fear or love.

And even if we’re so deep into fear, we cannot see any positive, the simple willingness to see things differently can guide us to higher thoughts.

Which leads to ..

2. Mantra or Intention

Every time you catch yourself stuck in negative thinking, silently say I am willing to see this differently.

By becoming aware of your thoughts, you’re able to choose again.

You’re allowing the negative energy to move through you, thus inviting a new, more positive energy back in.

3. Breath work

This tool can have a profoundly positive effect on your nervous system, bringing you out of the fight-or-flight body response (which is what typically happens when we’re in negative, fearful thought patterns), back to a place of calm and positivity.

This video is a great description and walk-through of the technique.

If thoughts inform your behaviour, which inform your actions, and your actions ultimately create your reality - imagine how powerful it would be to willfully direct your attention and thoughts to ones of positivity and love.

So it seems logical to assume that your ability to choose your thoughts and what you focus on has the power to drastically improve your circumstances and your life.

The more your thoughts are aligned with love, positivity and success - the more your reality (circumstances, people, places, things) will begin to match that.

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