Simple Ways To Hear Your Soul's Calling

Is your Soul screaming for more?

More creative inspiration, and indulgence in good art and literature.

More travel and adventure, immersing yourself in a different culture.

More of a deeper connection to a higher power and deeper purpose.

If your soul is screaming yes to some – or all – of the above questions, the outcome of listening to it will be a life far more beautiful and magical than you could’ve ever imagined.

By honouring this inner calling, you can be divinely and intelligently led to a life beyond your wildest dreams.

The Intelligence of The Soul

Although your mind is a wonderful tool, it can lead you astray.

The mind is rational and is always working to determine the safest, most accepted route.

Conditioned by our past and environments, we often choose the least controversial and safest route. But doing this, you may forget to listen to your inner compass.

By what the mind deems as dangerous, the Soul sees as elevating.

The mind may see heartbreak as threatening – creating a rational rule telling you it’s not safe to ever love again.

Whereas the Soul knows there are no coincidences.

It knows you were meant to meet that person and that they were meant to crack you open, leading the way to something greater.

The soul feels what the mind cannot see.

We believe our Soul speaks to us through desires, feeling and intuition. It speaks to us through wonder. It whispers clues to us, knowing the paths that would lead us to the most brilliant places.

The S-S-S Method

Here’s a method to more easily hear and be led by the intelligence of your soul and thus, live a life more beautiful and profound than your logical mind could’ve ever imagined.

1. Surrender

Trust and stop trying to control.

Be open to the idea that there is a Universal, Cosmic intelligence conspiring towards your highest good, and the highest good of all.

Check out these 5 Steps To Spiritual Surrender.

2. Silence

The metaphysical text A Course In Miracles teaches that the ego speaks first and it speaks loudest. Whereas, our Highest Self/Soul will gently communicate through feeling.

Take a deep breath, and practice tuning in to your inner compass and intuition.

More and more, you’ll be able to feel what you truly want.

3. Self-Awareness

A mentor of mine - a brilliant psychologist who is a wonderful representation of the magic that can ensure when you merge the intellectual with the spiritual; - once told me that our ego should be the servant to the Soul, not the other way around.

It’s important to know when your monkey mind and conditioned belief systems have stolen the show.

In which case, the second you become aware that your logical, fear/survival based mind is in the driver's seat, connect back to your intuition and Soul.

Know when you’re off, and course-correct by quieting the mind, and tuning back into the heart.

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