Want To Feel Happier At Your Day Job?

Do you lack meaning and joy in your day job?

Do you want to elevate your experience around the work you put out into the world?

Do you crave more in your professional life?

I reflected on these questions for years.

I was always the type of person that desired freedom above all else. And so the idea of working a 9-5 job was beyond crushing.

After a long day of feeling trapped in a corporate prison, I would come home at night sobbing.

And when first waking up, in that silent space between conscious and unconscious, I would be hit with a wave of anxiety thinking of the 8 hours ahead of me.

However, as my professional path evolved, so did my spiritual practice. And that's when it all changed ...

"Take work as a game and enjoy it. Everything is a challenge. Just don't go on doing it, dragging yourself because it has to be done. So there are only two possibilities: either find work you like or become capable of liking the work, whatsoever it is." - Osho, A Beloved of My Heart: A Darshan Diary

Create The Work Experience You Want

Instead of rejecting the corporate world, you can begin to create your own world.

This human experience we’re all living is - in large part - material. So how can rejecting the material be the answer?

By working with the material and incorporating some soul into the process has proven incredibly effective (in terms of job fulfillment) not only for myself, but for so many others that we’ve spoken to and learned from.

You can begin to heal your perceptions around work.

One of the positive changes I had in my perceptions was seeing my day job like going to the gym. How it was a place to work out analytical and interpersonal abilities. A place to get clear on what you want professionally. An place to increase self-confidence by meeting and overcoming challenges. All the while, allowing a certain lifestyle.

Here’s are tools you can use to feel happier at your day job:

1. Know yourself.

What we’ve seen from the conversations we’ve had, events we’ve held, workshops we’ve attended .. is one of the most powerful tools is to gain clarity around who you are and what you want.

This can only happen from experiences, and observing said experiences.

Not sure what you want? Fearlessly live.

Observe what you like and don’t like from your current job. And use it to direct your next move.

A good method is to begin to keep a journal dedicated to documenting your findings and any aha moments you have throughout your day related to your work.

2. Create yourself.

This can include goal-setting, manifestation and visualization.

We are the artist of our lives but we are also the art. Once we have clues into who we want to be and the experiences we want to live, follow them.

I began to take the time to get clear on the job I wanted to manifest - writing about what I would want in a day job, visualizing it, and calling upon forces greater than myself to guide me there ... And I was always led to that exact job.

And you don’t need to change jobs altogether to find satisfaction and fulfillment. You can make positive changes in your current role.

Jobs are not static sculptures, but flexible building blocks [...] becoming the architects of [your] own jobs, customizing [your] tasks and relationships to better align with [your] interests, skills and values.”

- Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World by Adam Grant

3. Honour yourself.

If you have a side project you want to bring to life, honour it.

You don’t need to limit yourself to one source of revenue.

A side hustle can be a great way to fulfill any passion or interest that your day job isn’t, while you support yourself financially.

And having a day job can actually help you be successful at your side hustle (also stated in Adam Grant’s Originals).

A Path To Profound Meaning & Joy

If you commit yourself to this journey, you will step into a new version of yourself and your life.

You will experience the creative ability you have of being able to manifest a job you’ll truly enjoy.

And best of all – instead of waking up every morning with the looming dread of having to force your mind, body and soul to do something it just doesn’t want to do – you’ll wake up feeling excited for the opportunities and potential that are available to you.

We challenge you to begin on your path today of uncovering your soul’s desire. A path that can truly lead to profound meaning and joy.

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