How To Change Your Reality Around Money

What’s the story you’re telling yourself about money?

Do you believe it’s difficult to make and keep it?

Do you see it as evil?

Do you tell yourself that, to make a lot of it, you necessarily have to endure pain and struggle?

These stories can show you the beliefs systems and self-identity you’ve created around money.

And your beliefs impact your actions, which determine your habits, which shape your reality.

So the implications of holding on to limiting beliefs around money are significant.

If your beliefs and self-identity are negative and disempowering, two likely scenarios will occur:

1) You will likely not have much of it (either through self-sabotage/subconscious forces);

2) Or you’ll have a painful time making it.

A More Empowering Self-Identity Can Lead To Better Finances

"Rarely in our life is money a place of genuine freedom, joy, or clarity, yet we routinely allow it to dictate the terms of our lives and often to be the single most important factor in the decisions we make about work, love, family, and friendship." – The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist

According to Twist, money should not be the most important factor in determining your actions.

Rather, it’s your beliefs and self-identity that are your North Star.

The way you view yourself will be a far more effective guide towards fulfillment, freedom, joy and clarity.

And once you create an empowering self-identity where you believe you’re worthy of joy and abundance, the money does come.

So to begin doing that is simply through awareness. Simply start paying attention to your conversations and stories around money.

Start Paying Attention To Your Conversations Around Money

"We think we live in the world. We think we live in a set of circumstances but we don't. We live in our conversation about the world and our conversation about the circumstances." – The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist

By now, you might have realized how both conversation and creation are important aspects of CWIET Time.

More than just a tool that allows us to connect with others and share valuable information, conversations hold tremendous power in their ability to reveal to us what our belief systems are.

If the way you talk about money is filled with lack and stress, you can see that your beliefs around money are disempowering.

Once you become aware of what these disempowering beliefs are, you can begin to change them.

Your beliefs are intrinsically tied to your actions – The actions you take and the habits you form arise directly from your beliefs.

So change your beliefs, you can begin to change your actions, and your whole world changes.

In other words, to create a reality where you are responsible and abundant with money, you must see yourself as such.

To create a reality where you are able to make money through purposeful and fulfilling means, you must believe it’s possible.

So how can you change your belief-systems?

By taking consistent, small actions every day. Align your actions to the person you want to be, and gradually, you’ll begin to create the reality you want around money.

"A slight change in your daily habits can guide your life to a very different destination. Making a choice that is 1 percent better or 1 percent worse seems insignificant in the moment, but over the span of moments that make up a lifetime, these choices determine the difference between who you are and who you could be." – Atomic Habits by James Clear

So it’s crucial to reflect upon:

1) The stories you’re telling yourself around money;

2) The person you want to become around money;

3) The actions you can begin taking to help reinforce this new, more empowering identity.

Download the worksheet below to internalize the above information and begin to experience the transformations.

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